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AzerbaijanBakuModern Hospital, Baku [E-mail Dr. Parviz Nasirov]Dr Parviz Nasirov, urologist from the Modern Hospital in Baku is going to talk about BPH in 100.5 FM Radio. During the one-hour broadcast, Dr Parviz is going to answer questions from listeners. Additionally, post-TURP instruction has been translated from Englsih into Azeri recently and it will be given to patients operated at the Modern Hospital in the future.26 Sept



OLV Aalst

Day-long informative programme with medical teams from the hospital and patient organisations. Lectures by urologists on prostate cancer and robotic surgery.

12 Sept

Brochure (PDF, in Dutch)

BrusselsEuropa UOMOUrgent action is required to tackle the growing challenges of prostate cancer in Europe and Europa Uomo (the European Prostate Cancer Coalition) has developed a White Paper with recommendations to reduce the death rate and burden of the disease.
Please join our host Ms Nessa Childers MEP to launch the White Paper on European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day, Wednesday 25th September. The meeting will take place between 13:00-14:30 in Meeting room A3 G2 inside the parliament.
25 SeptInvitation and full programme (PDF)


Association Urology Hageland, Regional Hospital Tienen

'All about the Prostate' is a multidisciplinary symposium for general practitioners, hospital staff and nurses who are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate pathology. The symposium will cover prostatic pathology in general. The main topic will be prostate cancer, the need to screen and/or treat.The local press will be invited as an information platform to the general public.

25 Sept


AZ Damiaan Hospital [E-mail Jochen Darras]

All hospital staff are invited in groups to try out the new DaVinci robotic system, including residents and press coverage. In the afternoon and in the evening two prostate awareness sessions are being organised for the public. Presentations about the anatomy, function and diseases of the prostate, treatment of benign prostatic enlargment and prostate cancer, and pelvic floor exercise will be held by urologists, a prostate nurse and a fysiotherapist. Afterwards participants are invited for a drink, and they will have the opportunity to speak informally with the speakers.

24 Sept

Raad over de Prostaat

CyprusPaphosCyprus Urological Association [E-mail Dr. Costas Mavrommatis]A press conference will take place at Paphos general Hospital in Cyprus. We are giving through the media information about the BPH, the symptoms, the diagnosis and the treatment options. Also we have issued a brochure for public information.24 Sept
Czech RepublicPragueEuropa UOMO CZA press conference for media in Prague, titled: "Four men die of prostate cancer every day in the Czech Republic. Maybe unnecessarily..."17 Sept
FranceAlbiClinique Toulouse Lautrec Albi FranceOpen door at the Clinic from 10.00 to 17.00 to meet the Urology team, discuss the different treatment options to treat prostate cancer and test the da Vinci surgical system, the new device the clinic acquired to offer minimally invasive surgery to a broader range of men. At 14.00, the urology team will propose a medical conference to explain to the audience what is prostate cancer, from diagnosis to treatment options and why da Vinci brings benefits to their patients.28 SeptClinic Website
(in French)
AmiensUrology Team at Victor Pauchet ClinicDuring these 2 days, the urology team will be available to answer any question you may have regarding Prostate cancer. Learn more about prostate pathologies and how to cure them. Opportunity to test surgical robotic system. 20-21 SeptClinic Website (in French)
ColmarHopital Louis PasteurMeet the urology team and learn about their minimally invasive robotic system20-21 SeptHospital Website (in French)
MarseilleDepartment of Urology, Hopital Saint Joseph [E-mail Dr. Bretheau]Presentation and demonstrations of new robotic equipment, as well as GreenLight laser for BPH.24 SeptHospital Website (in French)
RennesUrology Team at the St. Gregoire ClinicDedicated to General Practioners, this event highlights urological conditions around 3 workshops organized in the Operating Rooms: Workshop 1: Technics in oncology: laparoscopy, curitherapy and robotic surgery with test drives on da Vinci - Workshop 2: Kidney stones - Workshop 3: Bladder and Prostate26 SeptClinic Website (in French)
RennesUrology Team at the St. Gregoire ClinicOpen doors at the clinic from 10:00 to 17:00, with demonstrations of robotic equipment and information on procedures for treating kidney stones.28 SeptClinic Website (in French)
GermanyDresdenGerman Society of Urology (DGU)"Become a urologist for a day", schoolchildren's programme as part of the 65th German Society of Urology Congress26-27 SeptEvent Website (in German)
KielClinic for Urology and Children's UrologyAt the Citti-park a walk-in, 2.30 m high and 4.80 m wide prostate model represents the fine interplay of the prostate, urethra, bladder and the pelvic floor represents and makes complex structures in the male body visible. Also Visitors have the unique opportunity to use the ultra-modern robotic operating system used at UKSH in Kiel.14 SeptEvent Website (in German)
ItalyMilanAdvanced Urotechnology Center - Scientific Institute, the Istituto Auxologico Italiano [E-mail Dr. Andrea Cestari]The Istituto Auxologico Italiano will treat care of some unusual clinical cases offering the well-established technologies of the Advanced Urotechnology Center for 3 patients coming from Romania that could not afford to substain the costs for the surgical treatment of their diseases. The Institute will cover all the expences not only of the surcical procedures and diagnostic evaluation but also of the travel and accomodation of the patients and their families.
The selection of the patients was performed through the link and help of Capitanio Sisters in Bucharest, Romania
23-27 Sept
PaduaAbano Terme PoliclinicA program focused on patient education. The initiative will include informative brochure on prostate diseases, surgeons' interview and multimedia material on robotic surgery.
During the whole day, the urology team wil be available to answer all patients' requests. The event will appear on the website and on the house organ of the hospital to increase the awareness on urological conditions among a wider public.
27 SeptClinic Website (in Italian)
RomeGemelli Policlinic"Prostata inForma": A program focused on patient education. The initiative will include informative brochure on prostate diseases, surgeons' interview and multimedia material on robotic surgery.
During the whole day, the urology team wil be available to answer all patients' requests. The event will appear on the website and on the house organ of the hospital to increase the awareness on urological conditions among a wider public.
27 Sept
LuxembourgLuxembourgKirchberg Central HospitalOpen day, with an opportunity to try out the Da Vinci robotic surgery system22 SeptPromotional Video (YouTube)
The NetherlandsBaarnAndros Men's Clinic

Andros Mannenkliniek and Prescan Baarn will organise a joint 'open day' for patients and their families, on prostate enlargement and prostate cancer.

Speakers will be prof. dr. F.M.J. Debruyne, Dr. H. Leliefeld (both Andros Mannenkliniek) and dr. Wagner (St. Antonius Hospital, Gronau, Germany)

21 SeptDag van de Prostaat (in Dutch)
NijmegenCanisius-Wilhelmina Hospital Urology Department [E-mail Rik Somford]Seminar on the optimal organization of the chain of prostate cancer from diagnosis to the palliative phase. 26 SeptSymposium Website (in Dutch)
New ZealandOtagoDepartment of Anatomy, University of Otago [E-mail Francesco Elia Marino]Awareness in the Department of Anatomy where I work as PhD student. The research group I am working with is doing research on prostate cancer so this is a good opportunity to talk with our colleagues about the importance of awareness.23 SeptGold Lab Department of Anatomy


Entire country

Polish Urological Association [Website]

Free prostate examination in whole country; leaflets on prostate diseases and urolithiasis; posters promoting the free examination; website dedicated to the Urology Week topic.

23-27 Sept

Polish Urology Week Website

SzczecinPomeranian Medical UniversityAn interview given to a local newspaper (80,000 copies sold daily) about Urology Week and urological diseases (including BPH, prostate and bladder cancer). The need for early diagnosis and screening for prostate cancer was stressed.23 Sept
RomaniaHarghitaUropraxis Medical Center [E-mail]Presentations about common urological diseases in local media (radio and TV); posters on common urological diseases including urolithiasis; free Uropraxis fidelity cards giveaways all week long; free prostate examination in our Center on Wednesday (25 September)23-27 Sept
SpainBarcelonaFundacio Puigvert"Prostate Cancer: live with it or treat it?": Seminar for patients26 SeptFull Programme (PDF)
SwedenStockholmProstatacancerförbundet, SUF, SFUO, different companiesA travelling seminar for the general public with politicians, specialists and patients 10 Sept
SwitzerlandGenevaPROSCA Association [E-mail Vincent Griesser]Geneva waterfall will be illuminated in blue for International Prostate Health Day.15 SeptProsca Website (in French)