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BelgiumAalstOLV Hospital

In the Urology Week we will mainly focus on patient eduction about the prostate gland. A giant, inflatable prostate gland will be on display in our main entrance hall throughout the week of 14-18 September. Around this item, we will also place educational info panels.
Each day, between 13 and 15u a urologist will be available at this booth to welcome patients and visitors and provide medical information.
On Monday 14 Sept, the OLV Hospital will also officially announce the installation of its new surgical robot. 

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BelgiumBrussels regionChirec Hospitals

Chirec urologists get toghether during the European Urology week. An information stand will be placed in the lobby of Edith Cavell, Parc Leopold, Sainte-Anne Saint-Remi and Braine-l'Alleud - Waterloo hospitals.

Urologists get together to inform their patients on specific issues, such as prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, bladder and kidney cancers. This is also a good way to introduce the use of robotic surgery in our several clinics. 


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BelgiumMonsCHU Ambroise Paré 

Try the new Da Vinci surgical robot xi in our hospital on September 14 from 10:00 to 16:00. Doctor Naudin, head of the urology department, will be present to guide you and explain to you how this machine work.

Address: Boulevard Kennedy, 2 - 7000 Mons - Belgium

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FranceParisHôpital BICHAT - FRANCE 
Pr Ravery, MD-PhD /
Dr Daché, MD /
Dr Ouzaid, MD

Annual meeting : delivering informations to patient about prostate diseases (PCa, BPH)


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FranceToulonHopital Privé Toulon Hyères 

Urology and Innovation: discover new technologies in Urology.
Organised by Dr. Combes.
Address: St Jean Hall d'entrée Bât B2, Avenue Henri Dunant, Toulon.

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GermanyGronauPZNW am St. Antonius Hospital Gronau 

Actionday on PZNW

10:00 Tour European Robotic Institute
10:30 Lecture: Ways out of incontinence - Current therapies
11:15 Lecture: Erectile function - diagnosis and treatment
12:30 Live broadcast of Da Vinci prostate surgery by Head Physician Dr. Witt
14:30 Lecture: My Life with Cancer

Address: Möllenweg 22, 48599 Gronau (im ERI) 

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GermanyKielUniversity Clinics Schleswig-Holstein (Dept. of Urology, Dept. of Gynecology and Dept. of General Surgery) At the Citti-park, a walk-in, 2.30 m high and 4.80 m wide prostate model represents the fine interplay of the prostate, urethra, bladder and the pelvic floor represents and makes complex structures in the male body visible. Also Visitors have the unique opportunity to use the ultra-modern robotic operating system used at UKSH in Kiel. The multidisciplinary Exposition is completed by diverse lectures that are held at the "Gesundheitsforum".

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Semmelweis University Department of Urology 

During the Urology Week Our Department focuses on prostate cancer. Professor Larry Goldenberg will visit our Department and will held presentations to urology professionals. Also he will give an interview on men healths which will be published in a local paper. Furthermore we share educational material on different internet portals with focus on the importance of early diagnosis to raise attention of the wider public.


ItalyTurinMolinette Hospital 

An informative day on prostate cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and postoperative management. In collaboration with the no-profit association Vita Continua, the patients who underwent radical prostatectomy will tell their personal experience. The urologists will be available for questions and doubts from the auditorium, and they will describe the robot Da Vinci Xi that is available in our hospital.

Torino, Città della Salute e della Scienza, Molinette Hospital 


16 Sept
The NetherlandsRotterdamMaasstad Hospital @MaasstadZknhuis - Demonstration on the robot in the entrance hall -Inviting patient associations to be present on the is day
- Television screen with the Intuitive video for prostatectomy patients.
- Video glasses which are showing the view of the surgeon during the operation on the Da Vinci.
- Presentations for public about prostate cancer (possible complaints, patient journey, da Vinci surgery etc)
- Local marketing communication activities in newspapers with a patient story.

- Flyer with information about :
- the possible complaints (prostate, kidney and bladder) - at what point is Robot surgery possible - the benefits of robot surgery. To hand out to the public.

18 SeptWebsite
The NetherlandsAmersfoortProstaatcentrum Midden-Nederland

Open afternoon at the outpatient urology clinic MeanderMC. Meet and talk with the staff and view the rooms and equipment.
- Guided tours
- What does a urologist? Ask your question to one of our urologists.
- Information on the origin and treatment of prostate cancer at the Prostate Center MeanderMC  
- Demonstration: Da Vinci surgical robot.
- Looking into the bladder: Control the cystoscope yourself.
- MRI in prostate cancer.

Address: Maatweg 3, 3813 TZ Amersfoort.


18 SeptWebsite
The NetherlandsVleutenKliniek Vleuten

Bij deze nodigen wij u van harte uit voor een geaccrediteerde nascholing gegeven op dinsdag 15 september van 18.00-21:00 uur. Op deze avond zullen twee specialisten die direct verbonden zijn aan onze Kliniek Vleuten optreden als spreker. Deze avond zullen de urologen spreken over de symptomen en behandel methoden bij BPH/OAB, waaronder de Green Light Laser Therapie. Aan het einde van de avond is het mogelijk om d.m.v. een simulator zelf een Green Light Laser uit te oefenen.
Graag per email aanmelden voor donderdag 27 aug 2015 onder vermelding van naam, Big nummer, email adres, telefoon nummer en praktijk gegevens.


15 SeptWebsite
PolandJastrzębie Zdrój Oddział Urologii w Wojewódzkim Szpitalu Specjalistycznym nr II w Jastrzębiu ZdrojuAn interview given to a local newspaper, internet portals and radio about kidney, bladder and prostate cancer.
Opportunity of free ultrasound of the urinary tract on Urology Ward.
Final campaign of screening test for prostate cancer organized by the City Council in Jastrzębie Zdrój 

14-18 Sept

Centrum Medyczne im. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1981 r. w Radzymin - Samodzielny Publiczny Zespół Zakładów Opieki Zdrowotnej 


An interview given to a local newspaper (5,000 copies) about Urology Week and urological diseases. The need for early diagnosis and screening for prostate cancer. 14-19 SeptWebsite
PolandSzczecinDept. of Urology and Urological Oncology
Pomeranian Medical University 

Screening Day for "urology-naive" patients. We will be focused on prevention of bladder cancer, so this will be mainly adressed to smokers who will be asked to come with filled bladder. Simultaneously in 3 rooms doctors will check DRE and USG in every patient. We plan to screen about 120 people in one afternoon. Visits are free of charge. Medial campaign incl. advertisements, radio and press interviews will accompany the event. 


15 Sept

San Rafael Hospital, Urology Department


Information event for patients and their families about preventing and treatment of erectile dysfunction during treatment for prostate cancer.

18 SeptWebsite
SpainManresaFundación Althaia 
@drrobcastarg / @drA_Good 

We will give a couple of chats to all physicians of our center, regarding urological themes: Stones and LUTS management: State of the art. 


16 Sept
SpainVigo City (Galicia)@moisessocarras

Prostate Cancer Day: Speaking with patients and families about prostate cancer at public places. Diagnosis, treatment options, postoperative effects (incontinence, erectil disfunction). Article about urologyweek in a local newspaper (40.821 copies). Residents and Head of the urology department Dr. Ojea.

Organised by Rodríguez Socarrás, M.E.; Tortolero, L.


17 SeptWebsite
SwitzerlandGenevaPROSCA Associatio 

For the International Prostate Health Day (15 September), PROSCA, we will again have the Geneva Water Fall illuminate in blue. We although organize a campagne of information for Early and Smart Detection of prostate cancer.


15 SeptWebsite

Association of Urology of Ukraine 


"Day of the Prostate": lectures and presentations for 100-120 doctors.

16 Sept
TruskavetsAssociation of Urology of Ukraine 
Meeting of the Association of Urology of Ukraine.

11-12 Sept