Urology Week 2017 at URO-VUK

Mark the 25th to 29th of September 2017 in your calendar! Call us or visit us for a free consultation at our urological center URO – VUK in Belgrade, Serbia! We aim to raise sign of the importance of urological care and its relation to your Quality of Life. Our aim is to inform the people in Serbia about men’s health. We want to educate them on how to prevent urological problems.

Observe your body and have a regular check-up for urological conditions, especially when you’re 50 years old and above! Get your blood tested for Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA), too.

Ask our contact person, Ms Jelena Prelevic, for more info about the free consultations. In addition, we plan to offer free uroflometry test up to a maximum of 5 male patients per day during Urology Week.

Here’s our schedule of events:

  • Monday, 25 September
    15:00- 17:00

    Meet our urologist, Dr. Sasa Tomovic, a specialist in prostate cancer. Dr. Tomovic will talk about the  PSA marker level , prostate biopsy, laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, Quality of Life after radical prostatectomy (PPI, PPED).
  • Tuesday, 26 September
    15:30 – 18:00

    15:30 – 17:30 IPPS RN Danijela Knezevic talks with 4 patients; and RN Sanja Cvijovic, also withpatients
    16:00 – 18:00  Meet Dr. Vladimir Radojevic and ask him about your prostate (up to 8 patients)
  • Wednesday, 27 September
    16:00 – 16:00
    Visit our URO-VUK center and meet Dr. Uros Kenic, our urologist specializing in the field of andrology.  Talk to him about issues regarding male reproductive health, including infertility and sexual dysfunction.
  • Thursday, 28 September
    14:30- 16:30
    Feel free to ask Dr. Sasa Tomovic and be informed about the advances in early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Learn about the meaning of PSA level and cut offs. Know more about the possibilities of modern surgical treatment of enlargement of prostate and prostate cancer!
  • Thursday, 28 September
    15:30 – 16:30
    Ask Dr. Vladimir Radojevic everything about current surgical treatment of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) such as transurethral resection of the prostate, bipolar TURis, GreenLight laser treatment.
  • Friday, 29 September
    16:30 – 18:00
    Call and ask our Dr. Uros Kenic for any urological question! You can reach him via +381 11 2474918 or+381 69 115 35 25.
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  • Date:

    25/09/2017 - 29/09/2017

  • Organiser:

    Contact person Ms Jelena Prelevic, Urologists: S. Tomovic M.D. , V. Radojevic M.D. , U.Kenic M.D. - UrologPrivate Center '' URO - VUK'' Belgrade