How to Contribute

You can be an ambassador for Urology Week! Whether you’re a medical practitioner, a politician, a student or someone interested in urology, your efforts can have an impact. However large or small, every effort counts! Here are many ways you can spread the word:

1) Reach out to your community
  • Talk to your peers, patients, fellow students, and/or national societies about Urology Week.
  • Reach out to people you know who are afflicted with urological conditions. Reach out to their families so that they, too, can share their stories.
  • Hang up Urology Week posters in your clinic’s waiting room or at your school. You can also hand out flyers at prominent locations.
  • Contact your local media to submit an article to a newspaper or get a television station involved. The media is a vital cog in the coverage of Urology Week and often interested in human-interest stories.
2) Show your support via social media

Social media is a powerful tool. A tweet, Facebook and/or Instagram post and a like can propel Urology Week.

Selfie time!
You can take a selfie next to the Urology Week poster and/or sign. Then share your photo via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the official hashtag #urologyweek.

Sharing is caring
Creating a Facebook page or writing blog posts about Urology Week is also a great option. Sharing press releases, interviews, announcements, etc. via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn broadens your reach. And always include the hashtag #urologyweek.

3) Join the Urology Week Thunderclap campaign

Thunderclap is a tool to disseminate a main message via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Think of it as one massive wave of posts; the message is simultaneously posted on the social media accounts of supporters. This is a great way to give Urology Week more visibility. And you can play a big part in this campaign!

For our Thunderclap to go live, we need the support of a minimum of 100 individuals for the message to be broadcasted.

Stay tuned! We’ll be posting the link to Urology Week 2017’s Thunderclap campaign very soon.

View the Urology Week 2016 Thunderclap stats

4) Share your story

We kindly encourage you to share your stories and experiences.

If you’re someone with a urological condition, you understand its nature because you experience it first-hand. If someone you know had or is battling against a urological condition, you empathise. Sharing your stories can make others in the same situation feel that they are not alone.

If you’re part of a group (e.g. national society, company, hospital, etc.), we’d love to hear from you as well. Your stories and experiences can help others see urology in a different light, and possibly bring further attention to Urogynecology, a subspecialty devoted to women.

Read the stories.

5) Start an initiative yourself
  • Start and/or participate at a local event (e.g. sports-related events like scoring the most goals or shooting hoops in the name of Urology Week). Volunteering to help within your community is also a great alternative.
  • If you’re a urologist, you can brainstorm and organise an “Open Day” at your clinic and get the residents and doctors involved.
  • If you’re a journalist, you can visit clinics or report about the local events.  Also, you can write a series of articles and/or conduct interviews with the people involved during Urology Week. You can also contact EAU for local contacts.
  • As a national society, your profile can help you gain publicity and reach larger audiences. Your media ties can help circulate press releases about Urology Week. You can act as a hub for urologists and urology nurses in your country. And through your member database, you can encourage individual initiatives and even organise an event yourself.

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