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Czech RepublicPragueProf. Marek Babjuk; Dept. of Urology 2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Praha Motol University HospitalPress Conference with local media. The topic of the meeting is prostate cancer. Two case reports will be presented.23 Sept
FranceDunkerqueCentre Hospitalier de DunkerquePublic presentation of Da Vinci SI HD surgical robot, as part of a lecture on health and sport.6-7 Sept
LilleEquipe UrologieOpen day at the clinic, followed by a soiree for local doctors.25 SeptLouviere Hospital
LyonClinique Charcot, Johann MenardThe clinic's urologists are present to answer the public's questions about urology. A giant prostate and da Vinci robot will allow the public to better understand the conditions that can affect this organ.24 SeptClinique Charcot Website
GermanyGronauPZNW am St. Anonius Hospital Gronau

Actionday on PZNW

12:00 Live transmission from a Prostata OP
14:00 recitation: MRT-gesteuerte Prostatabiopsie
14:30 recitation: HIFU zur Behandlung des Prostatakarzinoms
15:00 recitation: Optimale Versorgung und moderne Therapieansätze der Inkontinenz
15:30 recitation: Aktuelle Therapiemöglichkeiten der Erektilen Dysfunktion

24 SeptWebsite
HannoverVincenz Hospital, HannoverUrology Week in Hannover: open day from 10-19:00 at the Vincenzkrankenhaus Kirchrode. Get educated on urological pathologies and discover how we treat prostate cancer with the robotic system.24 Sept
KoblenzLöhr Center Koblenz, Prof. Dr. SchmelzLearn more about therapies for prostate pathologies, walk in a giant prostate and test drive the daVinci robot.15 SeptHospital Website
MarburgUniversity of Marburg, Dr OlbertPatient awareness day: meet the urologists and get a chance to be a surgeon for the day20 Sept
GreeceRhodesEuromedica General Hospital of RhodesUrology Week in Rhodes: Preventive control for prostate cancer22-26 Sept
ItalyBari"Servizi Urologici" - Ente ecclesiastico Ospedale Generale Regionale "F. Miulli"The activity is focused on patient education. Dr. Ludovico and his staff will be available to answer patients' questions and doubts on urological disease. An interview on urological robotic treatments will also appear on the hospital website.26 Sept
TurinOspedale San Giovanni BattistaThe urological team organizes a space dedicated to counseling to all patients who wish to have information about the surgical treatment of prostate cancer (with particular reference to robotic surgery). 26 Sept
LuxembourgKirchbergHopital du KirchbergVisit of the hospital, demo of the daVinci robotic system by the urology team21 SeptHospital Website
PakistanKarachiPakistan Association of Urological SurgeonsThe 3rd Karachi Urology Week is a annual event. It is a week-long activity for urology residents from 22nd to 26th Sept. On the evening of the 26th there is a public awareness program and on 27th and 28th there is an intensive course in urology (Conceptual basis of Urology) for senior residents. 26-28 SeptPAUS Online
PolandSzczecinDept of Urology and Urological OncologyPress Conference with local media co-organised with local administration agenda responsible for public health issues. We will talk about urological diseases and popularise the Prostate Screening Day (see below)16 Sept
SzczecinProf. Marcin Słojewski, Dr. Michał Soczawa [e-mail], Pomeranian Medical University, SzczecinProstate Screening Day- consultants from the Dept. of Urology and Urological Oncology o Pomeranian Medical University of Szczecin will work for free in an outpatient department for every man who would like to check his prostatę. Press and radio announcements and interviews will be used for popularization of this event and other issues regarding social problems of urological diseases.23 SeptEvent Facebook Page
WarsawPolish Urological AssociationFree prostate examination in the whole country, leaflets on prostate diseases, posters promoting free examination, Urology Week website.22-26 SeptWebsite
PortugalSaúde CUFThe Health group CUF will perform a free screening at 8 of their clinics throughout Portugal. The screening will include PSA analyses, IPSS, and clinical observation for patients over 50 that make an appointment.27 SeptWebsite
LisbonAPDPROSTATAPublic session at the British Hospital, round-table event with urologists and general public, mainly prostate patients.25 SeptWebsite
RomaniaCluj-NapocaUniversity of Medicine and Pharmacy "luliu Hatieganu""Progress in Uro-oncology": The 5th edition of the conference, with the purpose of gathering urologists from all of Europe to discuss the latest news in uro-oncology. Emphasis on live surgery and state-of-the-art presentations.25-26 SeptWebsite
SerbiaZlatibor, othersSerbian Urology SocietyEducational activities for patients: raising awareness of BPH, emphasising importance of regular visits to a urologist.22-26 Sept
SpainMadridSemana Urológica Europea 2014Information on website. Thursday 24: Press conference, online forum: questions from patients 22-25 SeptWebsite
SwitzerlandLausanneClinique La SourceLive robotic operation, followed by 2-3 presentations on PCa. [Brochure, Registration form]
GenevaPROSCA Association, Vincent Griesser Chairman [e-mail] To develop an early and smart detection of PCa and to promote awareness, the Geneva foutain is illuminated in blue.15 SeptWebsite
United KingdomBristolYoung Urologist Comittee [Twitter]

The Young Urology Meeting is a conference organised by early career researchers for early career researchers, in partnership with the Pharmaceutical industry.

We know that the biggest breakthroughs are in the minds of those who have hands-on contact with science, thus we believe in fresh minds and fresh ideas. We invite renowned researchers to provide an insight from their experience.

The idea for YUM came up during a research society dinner when Ferring's Jens Peter Nørgaard admired young urologists talking about their research with enthusiasm and curiosity. To provide a platform for these discussions, we proposed an idea of a young minds oriented meeting.

25 Sept




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