Urology Week 2015: Get involved!

Dear Colleagues, 

As you all know, creating awareness of urological conditions among the general public is crucial to the mission of the EAU of raising the level of urological care in Europe. 

The EAU outreach efforts include the popular Urology Week. During an entire week, doctors, nurses and patient organisations help raise awareness for urological conditions through hosting lectures, tours and other events related to urology. Urology Week 2015 will take place between 14-18 September. 

The event is only as successful as your dedication, so we are looking forward to your participation by hosting and sharing events related to urology, engaging with the media, and bringing the conversation online.
A highlight of this year’s event is European Prostate Awareness Day (EPAD) on 16 September. During a full-day closed session, European specialists will engage with European Parliament Members to discuss prostate cancer, the European man’s main health concern.

This year more than ever, the EAU will be using the possibilities presented by social media to reach a wider audience, and bridge the gap between urological specialists and the general public in innovative ways. 

I invite you to check Urology Week 2015 website regularly for updates and ideas of how to best plan and share your exciting urological event.
And of course, the EAU Central Office is ready to inform and guide you in launching the various creative public information activities to make your Urology Week 2015 event more exciting, useful, and accessible to all. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our project coordinator, Ms. Ivanka Moerkerken (i.moerkerken(at)uroweb.org).

Best wishes and good luck! 

Prof. Christopher Chapple
Sheffield (GB)
EAU Secretary General