Wrap-up Urology Week 2015

Dear Colleagues, 

Diverse activities marked this year's Urology Week. It was great to see that hospitals, clinics, urological national societies, industry partners and patient groups all joined us in organising informative events and campaigns to raise awareness on urological diseases. 

To give you a brief impression of all the work that has been done, below are some statistics on the results:

  • 11 countries organised 22 events such as:
    • Press interviews
    • Educational activities 
    • Free consults for patients
    • Demonstrations of robotic surgery
  • At the European Prostate Awareness Day in the European Parliament in Brussels nearly 60 key stakeholders discussed the steps to be taken in increasing male life expectancy.
  • On Twitter nearly 1,300 tweets were disseminated by 300 people, reaching over 1.3 million impressions
  • The 10 posts on Facebook generated over 11,500 views with 340 likes and over 600 clicks
  • Some highlights can be found here: storify.com/Uroweb/urology-week-2015

We are encouraged by your enthusiastic involvement and we would like to thank you all for your contribution to bridge the information gap between the public and healthcare specialists!

In 2016 we will continue to promote helpful information on urological conditions to a wider audience and we look forward to your participation in future Urology Week events! 

Prof. Christopher Chapple
Sheffield (GB)
EAU Secretary General